Buyer’s Walk-Through Consultation

Make Educated Decisions For The Most Competitive Offers

A walk-through consultation is meant for the buyer in today’s hot and competitive real estate market. I will accompany you and your agent to one or more property viewings and I will complete a quick, visual assessment of the home and it’s systems. I’ll share and show my findings with you throughout the viewing.

Although it is not meant to replace a full inspection, the walk-through will help you make better, more-competitive offers with some education about the condition of the property. When your offer is accepted and you schedule a full inspection through us, we’ll apply the cost of the walk-through directly toward your inspection fees!

Making a more educated, competitive offer on the property you love is great for you! Then, when we perform the full inspection, we’ll already be familiar with the property. This keeps us a step ahead and moves the process along even quicker! Which is great for all of us!

A Walk-through Consultation Includes a Quick, Visual Assessment of the Following Systems

Electrical Systems HVACs Foundations Roofs
Chimneys & Fireplaces Plumbing Systems Furnaces Structural Integrity